HSN Credit Card


It's so interesting to see that the HSN is still around and now even offer their HSN Credit Card. This is one of those longstanding stores that have thrived on phone and online sales so they are definitely no stranger to knowing how to grab a customers' attention and getting a sale that's for sure. They even have two versions of their card offerings for the buying public. Their original card without the MasterCard logo is still alive and well with some very nice offers and even the infamous financing options that are popular with the HSN. The other version of their HSN Credit Card is the one with the MasterCard logo and is the one we will talk most about here in this article.

What's the coolest part about being able to have the HSN Credit Card is that you get what is known as the HSN MasterCard Exclusives. These exclusives include being able to use the HSN Credit Card wherever they accept the MasterCard logo. Then we take a look at their card extras which are very interesting as they will keep their customers feeling comfortable with using their cards very often. With discounts on so many things and services like flower purchases and even trips to the spa, they really give you something to look forward to and even have a $500 in style protection offering for their HSN Credit Card users as well. Annual money is being given for your HSN Credit Card anniversary and the same in bonuses are given towards the shipping costs of your purchases as well.

For all the frequent shoppers this HSN Credit Card is definitely something that should get looked at if you just would like to at least take advantage of the deals on shipping costs. If not, there really isn't too much to miss out on because you could probably find some other cards from other companies that you could use for these purchases and still gain better rewards. It should also be said that their APR is something that needs watching as well. If you are not that great at keeping up with your bill payments then you will need to be really careful with getting a HSN Credit Card.

Someone who misses payments from time to time and loves to finance everything that they buy may end up in trouble quickly using the HSN Credit Card. It's not something that should be hard to do with maintaining the monthly bills as they are reasonable. However, nobody knows just how good or bad you are with bill payments except for you. For those who are just fine with making payments on time and everything, the HSN Credit Card can even be a lifesaver on just the shipping costs alone. We suppose that shipping costs are really the very best reason to decide to apply for the HSN Credit Card at this time. Yes they offer some other great perks as well. But if you order things a lot online or via the phone, something that lowers your shipping costs would be great enough to become your new best friend. Check out the HSN Credit Card for yourself. Do the benefits outweigh any of the risks for you?